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HSE (Health Safety Environment)

SIMAM CI is committed to an HSE approach in order to control health and safety risks in the workplace and to ensure the protection of goods, people and the environment. As an actor in the distribution of petroleum products As a petroleum product distributor, SIMAM CI ensures that the products we distribute and the associated logistics are environmentally friendly, in order to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible. Indeed, the energy we distribute must be beneficial to our ecosystem and must limit harmful effects in the interest of future generations. SIMAM CI guarantees the health of its workers, the safety of its facilities and the protection of the environment.


Quality policy

SIMAM CI was created in 2005. We have the petroleum approval and distribute petroleum products (gas, fuel and lubricants) in Côte d'Ivoire. To meet the needs of our customers in conditioned butane gas, we have a filling plant.

Faced with increasingly demanding customers and a highly competitive market, we have chosen the quality approach as a strategic tool to ensure the development and sustainability of our company

To do so, the ISO 9001 version 2015 standard is for us the opportunity to lead a continuous improvement process through a new approach of our organization. In this context, our quality policy is based on four (4) pillars.


  • Constantly listening to our customers in order to respect our commitments;
  • A supply of products and services in accordance with their needs as well as the applicable legal and regulatory requirements;


  • The evaluation and the continuous control of the risks for the health and the safety of our collaborators;
  • The sensitization and the training of the personnel to reduce the accidents and incidents;
  • The application of effective prevention plans and the strict respect of safety measures;


  • The effective implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance;
  • The regulatory compliance of our sites and equipment


  • Recruiting competent personnel and strengthening their skills through training;
  • The strengthening of our market positioning;
  • The reliability of the company's data, by carrying out regular checks;
  • The consolidation of our financial profitability by optimizing costs.

To guarantee the achievement of these axes, quality objectives are established at the functions and processes level. These objectives are revised as necessary, during the management committee, process review or management review.

As General Manager of SIMAM CI, I commit myself to:

  • To meet the applicable requirements and;
  • To ensure that the necessary human, financial, organizational and technical resources are made available for the achievement of the established objectives and for the continuous improvement of our QMS

To this end, I am asking the Quality Manager, under the functional supervision of the Deputy General Manager in charge of the functions, to lead our quality management system in all rigor and to report to me on its performance, its effectiveness and the opportunities for improvement.

I count on each of you to understand, collaborate and support Our Policy in your respective functions. It is by following this path that we will be able to create together a dynamic of progress and work more efficiently.


The Managing Director

Fondation ATEF OMAIS

SIMAM s’est engagée depuis de nombreuses années auprès de la Fondation Atef Omais, qu’elle contribue à financer. La FATOM agit sur le terrain pour la santé, l’éducation et la culture en Côte d’Ivoire, en participant à la construction d’écoles ou encore à l’organisation de manifestation culturelles et sportives.

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