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Diesel fuel additives

SIMAM CI is the official representative of the EVOCARB brand in Côte d'Ivoire.

SIMAM CI is the official representative of the EVOCARB brand in Ivory Coast.

EVOCARB GASOLINE is an additive which allows the formulation of a superior quality gas oil, compatible with all types of diesel engines and oil boilers. It is issued from the latest research in petrochemistry to offer you a fuel with incomparable performances. With EVOCARB GAZOLE, you improve the performance of your equipment while preserving it.

EVOCARB GAZOLE is a multifunctional additive allowing to solve all the fuel problems. Biodegradable according to the last EU standards, and respecting the diesel standard EN590 (certified by SGS)

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SIMAM CI meets all your energy needs, both for households through B6 and B12 « household » gas cylinders, as well as for professionals, with B12 « Industrial » gas cylinders, bulk gas, diesel oil, mechanical lubricants, diesel oil additives and biocide.
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