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EVOCARB BIOCIDE is a formula that contains specific antimicrobial agents to combat and solve fuel contamination and deterioration problems. EVOCARB BIOCIDE contains a preservative and disinfectant for diesel fuels, heating oils, heavy fuel oil, kerosene and aviation fuels.

Only Biocide present on the Ivorian market, EVOCARB BIOCIDE allows to neutralize in 24/48H any contamination by bacteria, yeasts, fungi, in a storage place.

EVOCARB BIOCIDE is a reference on the site of the ANSES as Biocide fuel.

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SIMAM CI meets all your energy needs, both for households through B6 and B12 « household » gas cylinders, as well as for professionals, with B12 « Industrial » gas cylinders, bulk gas, diesel oil, mechanical lubricants, diesel oil additives and biocide.
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