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Bulk Gas

SIMAM CI, responds to the needs of companies with important gas needs, through the installation of bulk gas tanks.

With an average density of O.58, SIMAM CI designs gas tanks according to the storage capacity of your company (from 500 kg to 200 tons), depending on your needs.


SIMAM CI accompanies industries at each stage of their diesel tank installation project (study, design and installation). SIMAM's diesel tanks have a capacity (from 5000 liters to 40 000 liters) adapted to the needs of companies with high mechanical activities of rolling machines.

B12 " Industrial " with carburation

Used for the forklifts of the companies, the B12 "Industrial" with carburation contains 12.5 kg of gas with a capacity of water of 26.5 L. It differs from the B12 "household" by its blue marking and by the presence of an internal hose, which recovers the liquid gas, allowing the forklift to operate.


SIMAM CI is the official distributor of the EUROLUB brand in Côte d'Ivoire.

The company also distributes TOTAL, SHELL, MOBIL, ORYX, and OLA products, in order to offer its customers complete and qualitative product ranges at competitive prices.

In order to satisfy its customers, SIMAM CI offers them a unique technical support in order to reinforce the skills of their teams. This support is provided through training cycles to optimize consumption, oil analyses to "space out" oil changes, and the implementation of quality monitoring of maintenance and stocks.

Fuel additives

SIMAM CI is the official representative of the EVOCARB brand in Ivory Coast.

EVOCARB GASOLINE is an additive which allows the formulation of a superior quality gas oil, compatible with all types of diesel engines and oil boilers. It is issued from the latest research in petrochemistry to offer you a fuel with incomparable performances. With EVOCARB GAZOLE, you improve the performance of your equipment while preserving it.

EVOCARB GAZOLE is a multifunctional additive allowing to solve all the fuel problems. Biodegradable according to the last EU standards, and respecting the diesel standard EN590 (certified by SGS)


EVOCARB BIOCIDE is a formula that contains specific antimicrobial agents to combat and solve fuel contamination and deterioration problems. EVOCARB BIOCIDE contains a preservative and disinfectant for diesel fuels, heating oils, heavy fuel oil, kerosene and aviation fuels.

Only Biocide present on the Ivorian market, EVOCARB BIOCIDE allows to neutralize in 24/48H any contamination by bacteria, yeasts, fungi, in a storage place.

EVOCARB BIOCIDE is referenced on the ANSES website as a fuel biocide.

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